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17 January 2014

Teknisi Mesin Kopi (Jakarta)


PT David Roy Indonesia's distribution and marketing success started with our hard work and dedication to create a company that offers distibution and marketing assistance to our custimers but also a company that gives the best possible customer service. The founders of PT David Roy Indonesia believe in one simple philosophy; Our customers are our number one priority.

PT David Roy Indonesia was established in September 2002. We specialize in the distribution and marketing of national and international food and beverage products. PT David Roy Indonesia was created by three friends, whom had an idea and started working from their homes. Now PT David Roy Indonesia employees over 100 people and has three offices throughout Indonesia.

PT David Roy Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Pulau Jaya Mandiri has been specializing in the distribution of industrial food ingredients. PT PJM's 50+ years of experience in distribution and importation, combined with PT David Roy Indonesia's distribution, networking and marketing capabilities, has resulted in a synergy that is enabling PT David Roy Indonesia to get closer to our vision of being the number one distibution and marketing company in Asia, and around the globe. With PT David Roy Indonesia, not only will we import your product and distribute it to you, but we will also give you marketing assistance to help you reach your customer base as well as offer any training that may be needed to operate our machines/equipment. Our philosophy that we will not succeed in this business unless our customers succeed is what motivates us, and it shows in our level of service.

At the present time, PT David Roy Indonesia is serving customers in more than 30 cities throughout Indonesia. Our pod machines can be found in some of the top hotel chains here in Indonesia, like the Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Shangri-La Jakarta, and the Ritz Carlton Jakarta. Restaurants like Pizza Hut, Oh La La Cafe and de' Excelso are using our coffee. You can even buy our coffee's, cookies and machines in surpermarket giants like FoodHall, Ranch Market and Kem Chicks.

And it does not stop here. PT David Roy Indonesia is also agressivily seeking business partners in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Australia so we can offer our products, goods and services internationally. In April 2012 PT David Roy Indonesia partnered with Success Trading of Singapore to assist us and get us one step closer to our goal of having a global network.


• Pendidikan minimal SMA/SMK teknik listrik

• Memiliki pengalaman dalam servis mesin kopi min. 1 th

• Memiliki SIM C

• Menguasai daerah Jabodetabek

• Mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik dan memiliki kemampuan interpersonal yang baik

• Mampu bekerja di dalam tim dan cepat beradaptasi dengan lingkungan baru

• Bermotivasi tinggi dan mampu bekerja di bawah tekanan

  • Engineering
  • Detail Orientation